Building the Software Stack This is the continuation from Part 1 located here. Hopefully if you’re reading up to this point, you’ve now followed the instructions in part 1, and have a newly installed image on your Pi, or you’re already familiar with the Raspberry Pi, and you want to add the software stack to an existing pi. – If the latter is the case, then be aware that by this point I assume you already have SPI enabled. If you don’t it’d be wise to enable it before continuing. If all is good, follow me after the jump.Read More →

So, this is a little out of order, and I’ll add more to the build and design log soon. For now there’s a couple of people that wanted a quick start to get things going, they’re the ones I’m hoping will commit back to the repositories. So here goes, how to get from a basic pi, to an Alexa (Echo) enabled OpenHAB hub.Read More →