Getting Started with the Prototype (Part 4)

Getting Started with the Prototype (Part 4)

nRF24l01+ MiLight / LightEU control

Currently the final step in the hardware series is getting the on-board Nordic 2.4Ghz transceiver up and running.

If you’re following along, Part 3 should have had you check out my git repo recursively, so most of the hard work should have already been done.

We need too grab the RF24 project for control of the nRF24L01:

Note, this will probably fail on a Raspbery Pi 1. – I’ll update these instructions later!

Providing everything works, lets go and build the openmilight repo.

Once that’s complied we should now have a working openmilight executable!


Note: openmilight requires direct hardware access and will only run as root or else a Segmentation fault will occur. If anyone can fix this, or knows more about what they’re doing i’d recommend fixing this. For my usage, I added a link so all users may elevate to run this without prompting for a password:

You must use visudo to do this!

and add the following line:


To test all is working, start the radio in listening mode. You should be able to use your MiLight remote and see commands running up the screen!

If not, check the physical connections and work through the instructions again!