Lets get OpenHAB Running! Now we’re out of the woods as it were with the hardware and interfaces, we need to get something to tie everything together. I’m using OpenHAB at the centre of my install. I’ll try and outline the setup below: Prerequisites OpenHAB is platform agnostic running ontop of JAVA, at the moment the rerecorded Java Virtual Machine is Oracle Java 8. Unfortunately while Jessie ships with Oracle JDK, it’s not up to date, and installing it can be a royal pain in the posterior. To this end, I’m going to just grab the binary and install it. Before we do however, letsRead More →

nRF24l01+ MiLight / LightEU control Currently the final step in the hardware series is getting the on-board Nordic 2.4Ghz transceiver up and running. If you’re following along, Part 3 should have had you check out my git repo recursively, so most of the hard work should have already been done. We need too grab the RF24 project for control of the nRF24L01:

Note, this will probably fail on a Raspbery Pi 1. – I’ll update these instructions later! Providing everything works, lets go and build the openmilight repo.

Once that’s complied we should now have a working openmilight executable!   Note:¬†openmilight requires directRead More →

Send & Receive 443~Mhz Transmissions Getting IR working is probably the most standard and well investigated side of this project. Now we’re starting to step off the beaten track, and while by no means a novel or undocumented step. Things are starting to get less straight forward. Adding the ability for my Amazon Echo to control ‘dumb’ appliances was the main goal. I’d come across the Energenie products already, and the Pi-Mote shield looked good; but it seemed a waste of a board. If I’m using a Raspberry Pi – I don’t want it limited to one form of IO. So while my own boardRead More →