Mumble (Open Source VOIP) Setup

Mumble (Open Source VOIP) Setup

This should be a quick info dump for people getting started with Mumble:

  1. Grab the client
    1. Go here:
    2. Grab the installer of choice for your platform, or if you’re lazy and on windows have a direct link here.
  2. Install mumble with the default settings, you don’t need to install murmur unless you want to run your own server.
  3. Find the mumble shortcut and launch it!
  4. Next your way through the Audio Tuning Wizard, attempt to follow the instructions as best as possible for the setup of your microphone and headset.
  5. The next window will be Certificate Management – How you deal with this can be pretty important; if you’ve already got a Private Certificate, you should import it, if not follow on below:
    1. Change to “Create a new certificate” [Next]
    2. Fill in your full name, and email address [Next]
    3. Hit “Save As…” and choose a memorable name for the certificate.
    4. Once you’re happy with the information [Commit]
    5. SAVE the file somewhere usefull for later. Once you’ve registered a name on a server, it’s permanently bound to that certificate so keep it safe!!
  6. Once that’s all done, you should be presented with the Server Connect page:
    1. Click the Add New…  button.
    2. Set the label to anything you like something memorable “Nathan’s Mumble Server”
    3. Set the Address to
    4. Leave the port standard at 64738
    5. IMPORTANT: Set your Username to the name you’d like the server to display you as. Once registered as an admin, you can’t change this. So make sure it’s what you want!
    6. NOTE: Password field may not be present yet.
    7. Hit Okay.
  7. This should show up now under your favourites, and if all has worked, you’ll see a value under the ping columns
  8. Click the Connect button.
  9. You should be prompted to accept a certificate that failed validation (I don’t have a SSL cert for DragonHolt yet) Click Yes

  10. Once that’s gone through, you’ll be prompted for the password – I’ll supply this separately, but type it in, hit okay and move on!
  11. Find your user name in the list on the right, Right Click your name -> Register – This binds your key to the server and allows admin privileges to be assigned.Answer Yes to the question when asked if you understand that this will permanently register your key and ID with the server.
  12. You should be good to go, and then drag your user to any channel you want to join!

You should now be all set to use really high quality voice over IP without high bandwidth of Skype etc! 😀

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