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Raspberry Babel

A Pi 1* 2 & 3 RF & IR Hat

Project Notes

  • Where it started, LIRC
  • 433Mhz For Christmas
  • Let there be (cheap) lights
  • There's interest and I want more rooms!
  • Schematic and v0.1 boards
  • Getting it made in China
  • Errata and re design
  • Schematic for v0.2 boards

Getting Started Yourself

  • What to start with
  • Is this for me


  • Roll your own & my sources
  • Raspberry Pi handy pinouts
  • Beware the GPIO
  • Use my designs (but I'm not an engineer!)
  • .maybe. Buy a board from me!


  • Raspberry Pi - Hello World
  • IR Control - Getting LIRC Running
  • 433Mhz Sockets - Christmas lights, lamps and fans!
  • 2.4Ghz Milight - Work(ing) in progress.
  • Setting up the glue - OpenHAB 2.0
  • Hello Alexa - I'm Hue. Honest.
  • Putting it all together!

* Note: While this project can run on an original Pi (indeed that's what my initial versions ran on. I'd not recommend it. It requires removing the component video out socket to make it compatible with the Pi 2 onwards standard GPIO header / physical layout. And it's also **REALLY** slow! - Be warned :)


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